Watch Them Grow: A Children's Gardening Primer

It's still blustery here in the Pacific Northwest, but the crocuses are blooming, the cottonwoods are budding, and the time for spring planting has come! Include the whole family in the fun with Watch Them Grow: A Children's Gardening Primer.

Watch Them Grow is a gardening activity book which is fun for all ages. It includes beautiful hand-carved block prints of each plant along with seed packets, growing instructions, and activity ideas. Each plant featured in the book is an easy-to-grow herb which is gentle enough for children. 

Meet the plants...

Nasturtium is a deliciously sweet and spicy plant, simple to sprout and grow! The flowers are wonderful on salads and kids can learn to pickle the seed pods.

California Poppy is a beautiful and relaxing herb with silky orange petals and lacy leaves. It makes a wonderful sleepy time syrup.

Calendula is a friendly, sunny flower. Learn to dry the petals and enjoy some homemade tea!

Lemon Balm is sweet and calming; kids get to experience the joy of eating food fresh from the garden with a yummy Lemon Balm and berry recipe.

Borage is quick and easy to grow, and the bees love it! Learn to make a refreshing sun tea for hot summer days.

Violet flowers are sweet and delicate. Kids can enjoy a simple candy make with their blooms.

Chamomile is relaxing and great for upset tummies! A wonderful tea, this fragrant plant is included in a fun and creative home-made play dough recipe. 

Each Watch Them Grow bundle includes a booklet and seeds. Visit the shop to order your today!