Project Update: Numen Naturae

The powers that be have spoken and they've said that it's time for some patience: we will be pushing the release of Numen Naturae: Dismantling the Tower back to mid-December. Among other reasons, a book dealing with Saturn should ideally be released when the Senex transitions into Capricorn. So mote it be!

The good news is that this gives us more time to polish and perfect the project. The OTHER good news is that we can get a head-start on our next volume. With the title yet to be determined, volume three of Numen Naturae will deal with Black Cohosh and the Priestess, particularly in her emanation as Hekate. The submission period will open August 1st and close October 31st with Samhain. A full description of the project will be up soon, so please stay tuned!