The Tower is Crumbling

Can you feel it? Does it inspire you? 


Destruction, rebirth, and radical acceptance

Devil's Club as protector of wild places and wild spirits

Thorns and the Doctrine of Signatures

Destruction as a form of healing and renewal: the Phoenix and the healing crisis

Plants as allies in dismantling systems of  oppression

Towers in history and myth

The Tower as a vehicle connecting spirit and matter

Foundations, destruction, and the parable of the wise and foolish builders

Lightning, Divine Fire, and the origins of life

The Tower, the alchemical processes of solution, calcinatio, and the death of the ego

The relationship between Devil’s Club, the Tower, and Saturn


Accepting written submissions now through January 1st. The prompts listed above are only pieces, only beginnings, only open-ended suggestions. Allow your inspiration to take flight.