Numen Naturae Pre-Orders

Numen Naturae Vol 1: The Magician's Wand is well underway. I am checking footnotes and page numbers, playing with cover design, and generally having a good time obsessing over the details. This will be my first publication in cooperation with a printer and other authors, so I am giving myself plenty of time to perfect this piece and have a strict no-deadline policy. With that in mind, I do have a goal: I would like Numen Naturae to be in the hands of readers this summer. 

Are you curious about the project? Would you like to support this book? Do you want to secure a copy for yourself from the first printing? Here is your opportunity! I am now opening the shop up for pre-orders. 

What is the benefit of pre-ordering? You will be the first to receive a copy of Numen Naturae! Because this project is starting out small, the first printing will only be 100 books and if you pre-order, you are guaranteeing yourself a copy. You will also receive a limited-edition print of the Yarrow/Magus card which will only be accompanying these first 100 books.


For ordering information, please check out the shop!