Introducing Numen Naturae Vol 1: The Magician's Wand

For the last six months House of Hands has been working tirelessly along with a group of wonderful writers to bring you the first volume of Numen Naturae, a publication exploring the relationship between plant genii and tarot archetype. In our first issue we examine the Magician card and the genius of Yarrow. By way of introduction, here is the editor's foreword to the book:

This work is the product of many minds, human and otherwise. It seeks to explore the relationship between image, herb, and archetype. Our premise is that Nature is alive, that plants and the places they inhabit have their own personhood, their own gnosis which is available to interact with the minds, bodies, and dreams of those willing. Relating with these plants intentionally evokes ideas and images which touch on a deep level of human experience. Inspired by the works of C G Jung, I will call these images and experiences archetypal.
In my own practice with the plants involving long forays in the woods and hours of meditation and conversation, I have come to associate the character of certain herbs with the archetypal imagery of the Tarot trump cards. Plants have a long history of association with myth and deity. The story which each plant genius has to tell is a lifetime's study in and of itself. In this work, we will focus on the imagery of the Tarot, for, "As humans we have a tendency toward projecting aspects of ourselves on objects that provide "hooks" for these projections. The cards of the Major Arcana are well suited to receive these projections and thus can serve as tools in our search for self-knowledge."
This self-knowledge or gnosis is our inspiration. We seek it through our relationship with the earth, through the imagery of dream and myth, through study, and come together in these pages with our findings on one character: Yarrow, The Magician. 
The Magician is not Yarrow alone. His archetype is evoked through many plants, figures, and images. Likewise the story of Yarrow is not limited to the Magician, but has a different mythos in each culture which possess certain threads of commonality. This work does not seek to limit either of these figures, but rather to open up a discussion in order to expand the realm of their influence to our conscious awareness, to inspire more people to find themselves in the fields and forests experiencing the Numen Naturae, the divinity implicit in nature. 


Follow our blog to keep up to date. This title will be available for pre-order later this spring 2016!


Casandra Johns