Numen Naturae: Dismantling the Tower

I am pleased to announce that our next volume, Numen Naturae: Dismantling the Tower, is nearing completion. We will be opening the shop for preorders in a few weeks with an anticipated release date on 1 September 2017. If you are interested in receiving an early copy of the book for review, please email 



We are pushing the release date of Numen Naturae: Dismantling the Tower back to mid-December. Form more information please look here.


Numen Naturae: Dismantling the Tower

I. The Devil’s Thorns: A Journey of Destruction, Excavation, & Rebuilding, by Elisa Finos

"In the natural world, evolution is a destruction of a system and the boundaries that sustained it, and an adaptation to the conditions needed to survive and thrive. Likewise, our personal journeys involve a shedding of what no longer serves the greater good of our growth trajectory and the healing of everything that stands in the way of our ability to bring our medicine into the world. It is a transformation of being and purpose."


II. The Spiritual Lessons of the Material Planet, by Rhea Wolf

"Saturn helps us find our authority, but its shadow side seeks domination and control over events and people. In order for personal authority to stay beneficial and not become authoritarian, spiritual maturity is required. A connection to spirit, a connection to the nonmaterial world, is vital to prevent the corruption and desacralizing of the material world—and our own selves."


III. Support among the Ruins: An Interview with Sean Donahue, by Casandra Johns and Sean Donahue

"Eventually I discovered that once Devil’s Club starts showing up for me, no matter what, things are going to change. I can either open myself to that change and get curious and move with it and take Devil’s Club as my source of support, or I can barricade the door and Devil’s Club will break through and I will have pieces of door and pieces of furniture scattered everywhere, and then Devil’s Club will be my support among those ruins."


IV. On the Bounty of Boundaries: Saturn, by Emrys Rintoul

"When I set limits about how and with whom I connect, I simultaneously assert my selfhood and come into truer connection with others. When I am deliberate in my relationships it is an act of transparency and openness. These choices of honesty and openness can be difficult. The king of choice-making is Saturn, and when I need to wear my crown, to own my authority, I call on this energy."


V. Lightning and the Womb: Hekate and the Tower, by Casandra Johns

"Hekate/Sophia challenges the Principle of Structure by imbuing us with this transmuted fire and inspiration, the will to choose and seek gnosis, which shatters the structures of this world founded on illusion and maintained by our adherence to the Principle of Structure, the dying senex, the patterns of patriarchal dominance that bind us."


VI. Destruction in the Name of Healing and Transformation: The Phoenix and the Tower, by Tai Fenix Kulystin

"Change is by definition a form of death, a type of destruction, but from the ashes of grief or pain or pleasure we can rise anew with the opportunity to reconstruct ourselves to better fit the situation we find around us and the experiences we must face. We can embrace destruction as a force of creation, creating a necessary clearing in ourselves or our lives for something new to emerge."


VII. Hit by Lightning: Oya, the Tower, and the Archetype of Change, by Samantha Blackwolf

"As a force of nature, Oyá is embodied as the wind. Her invisible body moves capriciously from a subtle breeze to a massively destructive tempest. She is a healer: Riding the breath, she takes the last exhalation of a dying person and journeys with that soul to its best place in the afterlife."


VIII. The Tower Card: Some History, by Michael S. Howard 

"The lightning is there as the proposed means by which God delivers judgment. There might be another message as well: Rather than trying to attain the heights with God, we might do better focusing horizontally, to the earth, not just as exploiter but also as caretaker."


IX. In the Times of the Tower: Standing at the Gate of the Challenger, by Pomegranate Doyle

"This is the message of the Tower: Painful things are coming your way; the higher you have built your tower, the more devastating will be the fall. That is not a challenge, however; that is just a statement of fact. The challenge is, how will you respond to this pain?"


X. The Alchemy of Decomposition: Illness as Initiation, by Amelia Beechwood

"In this process of birthing my new Self, at some point or another, I have suffered the loss of each of my former personas, faces that once reflected the varying aspects of me, defined me. My selves have died before my very eyes, slipping through my desperately grasping fingers."


XI. Receiving the Forces of Change with Grace: Devil’s Club as Agent of Personal and Cultural Transformation, by Scott Kloos

"By consciously welcoming the energy of the Tower force we remove a frequent impediment to the healing of our bodies and psyches. As we learn to joyfully engage with the hell fires and the entities that test us in the arena of composting, soul-making, and dissolution, structures that inhibit free expression of the vital force break down, and we learn to suffer with patience."