Verdant Gnosis: Cultivating the Green Path

I am pleased to offer volumes 1-3 of Verdant Gnosis: Cultivating the Green Path in the House of Hands shop. Verdant Gnosis, published by our friends at Revelore Press, is released each year as a companion to the Veridic Genii Symposium. Each volume is a unique and rich compilation of essays exploring the genius of the natural world. From the Revelore site:



VERDANT GNOSIS is a poetic rendering of the Latin expression, Viridis Genii, which refers to the collective spiritual intelligence of our botanical environment. Viridis means ‘green, verdant, growing’—all that is lush and nourishing; while genii is the origin of the words ‘genius’ and ‘genie’—the spirit, daemon, or guiding intelligence of an entity. Viridis Genii—the verdant gnosis—is thus the spiritual path of working with the intelligence of living nature.