Upcoming Classes

I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching several classes in the Portland area this fall. 

Wednesday September 14th: Herbalism 101 at Clary Sage Herarium

Are you new to herbalism? Come learn the basics! We will spend the evening discussing eight plants essential for the beginner. You will learn about their energetics and actions, the best methods of preparation, and how to incorporate them into your daily life. Join Yarrow, Hawthorn, Nettles, Marshmallow, Mullein, Dandelion Root, Elderberry, Mint, and Casandra!

Sliding scale $20-30. Tickets available here

Wednesday October 12th: Bitters! at Clary Sage Herbarium

Join me for an evening of aromatics, and bitters! Did you know that many gastrointestinal issues can benefit from better remedies? We will discuss the effects of bitter and aromatic plants on the digestive tract and liver, as well as specific indications for various plants and their traditional uses as Digestifs, and Aperitifs. We will learn about bitter remedies like Chamomile, Dandelion, Oregon Grape, and the Artemisia family, and aromatic plants such as Mint, Fennel, Ginger, and Chamomile. 

Sliding scale $20-30. Tickets available here.

November 11th-13th: Demystifying Herbal Abortion at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering

The teachers of this class do not believe that plant medicine is a wise or safe choice for terminating a pregnancy. However, they want to empower folks by facilitating clarity & depth of understanding of how plants can be used for this purpose. This education is necessary to create a culture of truly informed consensual decision making. 

Samantha Zipporah will delve into the nuanced biochemistry & physiology of conception, implantation, & pregnancy to create a framework upon which to explore how plants can be used to disrupt these processes. Casandra Johns will discuss several plants that can be used to potentially inhibit or interrupt implantation or end an early pregnancy. 

Each woman brings the embodied wisdom of personal experiences, & a deep desire to dispell the darkness shrouding this poignant topic with love & light.

$120 for the entire weekend (price lasts until September 1st)

Tickets available here.

November 11th-13th: The Language of Traditional Western Herbalism at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering

In this class we will discuss the history of the language of Traditional Western Herbalism. As language informs action, we will look at the semantics of humoralism and herbal energetics from a holistic and historical perspective in an effort to inform our current praxis. What terminology currently in use is actually reductionist in origin? What do the words we use to describe a particular plants' actions actually tell us about it as a healing ally? How did this terminology come down to us through history? What language can we use to most effectively honor the plants and communicate with our clients?

$120 for the entire weekend (price lasts until September 1st)

Tickets available here.