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recipe card


Branding concept for a food box project featuring goods from local farmers. Farmer's are highlighted in a menu style format and recipe cars accompany each box of food, incorporating their ingredients. 

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Book Design

On the left, a sample from my studies in 17th-century typesetting. On the left, an excerpt from a one-off book of original poetry by Michael Minkowski titled Poems for Debra.



This is a photo of little Madrona helping copy edit a manuscript. 

Casandra Johns is the lead editor at House of Hands and sometimes works with other small presses as well. If you would like to inquire about hiring a copy editor for your next project, please get in touch


Watch Them Grow

Watch Them Grow

Watch Them Grow is an herbal gardening primer for children featuring block prints and activities to accompany each plant. 

Magus Cards

Tarot Cards

Hand-pulled prints of the original Magus tarot cards which accompanied the first 100 copies of Numen Naturae: The Magician's Wand.